Our Story


To Go was founded in 1999 by two catering professionals and entrepreneurs, David and Simon. Having started out running a gourmet coffee shop and providing an ever increasing catering service for local businesses, they began their micro kitchen story in 2009. Having been approached by Riverbed, who were looking for a company to provide an office pantry service to match that of their Californian base, To Go rose to the challenge and haven’t looked back!

They were recommended to Facebook in Silicon Valley, California, to service their London office. To fully understand the service required, David and Simon visited their headquarters in California. To Go Micro Kitchens opened in Covent Garden, London and have since expanded their service with many other companies in London and across EMEA.

In 2015 To Go formed To Go Group Ltd:

  • To Go Ltd – focussing on office catering services, including in-house cafes, in the Thames Valley 
  • To Go Micro Kitchens Ltd – providing break room services in the UK and EMEA

In 2017, To Go Micro Kitchens Asia was formed and now provide office pantry services in Singapore.